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Interesting Tierces

The Ship Log of La Loire in 1720

 August 11, 1720 List of officials and engages for the Ste. Reince Conession embarked
 on the Loire bound for Louisiana from Lorient, France as trancribed by
Dr. Glen Conrad of USL:

(partial list includes some of the same contractees above)
ENGAGEES TIERCE, Jean-Charles, Baker
note by Mem Tierce: no futher information has be found about TIERCE, Jean-Charles

TIERCE  CHESTNUT HORSE 1988 16HH. Winner 1991 Golden Slipper Stakes. Triple Crown Winner. SIR GAYLORD TURN-TO SIR IVOR SOMETHINGROYAL ATTICA MR TROUBLE IMPERIAL PRINCE ATHENIA ..http://au.geocities.com/roblobb/THE_NINETIES/1991_-_TIERCE/1991_-_tierce.html

Major Tierce, A character in Star Wars.
Major Tierce was part of Moff Disra's "Return of Thrawn" plan, but was too greedy, and wanted complete control of the project. It was later found out that Tierce was a clone of one of the Emperor's Royal Guards. He was later killed by a Mistryl Shadow Guard.

Tierce is the 23,344th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 79.459 [SourceCBN]