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Missing links
I need any information on:
rffromm: Jan Swoish [mailto:rfsjds@comcast.net]
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 6:38 PM
To: mem@tierce.biz; wewee481@aol.com
Subject: Derse/Tierce

   I am a descendant of Joseph Julius Derse who came her from placeCityForbach, country-regionFrance. In my research I just learned from a contact in placecountry-regionFrance that the name Derse' was at some time spelled Tierce and Therse. I am looking for a connection.
Andre' Derse/Therse or Tierce (died in Vescheim 9/Dec 1853)  & Marguerite Folmer had a son Sebastien Derse in 1806.
Andre was the son of Jean Claude Derse/Tierce & Marie Elisabeth Topf/Topff/Dopff`
If this is anything that fits into your genealogy let me know.
Thank you,
Janet Derse Swoish


I have two Homer Tierces:
Descendants of Homer Tierce, I have no ancestors or other information.
    1       Homer Tierce         
.          +Lucille Edwards          
....     2       Gene Tierce          
....     2       Jimmy Tierce          
....     2       Kelly Tierce          
..........     3       Brandy Danielle Tierce          

Descendants of Jas. Thaddius Tierce              

     1       Jas. Thaddius Tierce     b: Mar 21, 1857 in Millsap, TX     
.          +Katie Fleming          
....     2       Grace Tierce          
.......          +Hogrie            
....     2       Homer Tierce       I do not have enough information to know if they are the same.

June Gray Broom is researching the Oak Glen Cemetery in Jack Co, TX. She has found the graves of:
H.R. Tierce July 28, 1828- Jan 29, 1900
Caroline Tierce     no dates
Johnathan tierce Feb. 19, 1857- Dec 5, 1915

Does anyone have any information?

We connected Jeremy Tierce, he is my 3rd cousin twice removed and the 5th great grand son of Jonathan Andrew Tierce