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May 2002
Dear Mr. Tierce,
My mother can not view your information on your website because her computer is very old and very slow. I would like to send her a copy of your book. Would you please send me a copy that I could print out for her? You may send it to this email.
My mother is here with me today and can give you some of the details she has put together on the Raymond Tierce Family.
Our records go back to 1850 in Cire díAunis, near La Rochelle France (150 kilometers north of Bordeaux). Although the Tierce were living in a part of France where were many Huguenots, the family lore does not mention Protestants among us. There are many family pictures showing catholic weddings and christenings. As most French Catholics, church going was not a forte.
Paul Tierce was born around 1845. He married Celestine Bertrand. This was Paulís second marriage. Celestine gave birth to Auguste-Celestin Tierce in 1872 in Cire díAunis. There is mention of a son named George from Paulís first marriage but very little is known about him.
There were some Tierce who lived North of the Loire River but we are not sure where. They maybe a branch of the family or we are the branch.
We realize that this isnít much information but if you know the region from where your Irish ancestors came; there may be a way to trace them back to a town or village.
In any event it is interesting to find other people with the same last name as it is not a common name here in the US or in France.
We look forward to hearing from you again.
Myriam Tierce Contiguglia               mcontigu@rochester.rr.com
Micheline Tierce Contiguglia

June, 2001
I ran across your web site and was just wondering if I fit in to this family tree? I hardly know anything about my heritage. Things that I dont know are my fathers name is Jerry Neil Tierce, his fathers name is William Carlos Tierce who died around 1981. I believe my grandfather moved out here to California from Oregon and before that Arkansas. If I am indeed related to you I would love to speak to you. My grandfather died when I was real young,  so I am really in the dark when it comes to my family history.
Info about me - Jeremy Tierce  Born - 1976 Residence - Fresno, Ca Married - 2 yrs Wife's name - Meghan Tierce
More info can be given later. Hope to hear from you soon. Please reply to both jeremytierce@yahoo.com and jeremy.tierce@firstworld.com to ensure that I receive your response.thanks for your time,
Jeremy Tierce

William Richard Tierce  was  William Carlos Tierce father, but I have not been able to find William Richard father.


I visited your website and thought it was great! I had some information that I thought might be useful to you. I am a descendant of James G. Falls and Nancy E. Tierce through their daughter Romelia (Mealey) Falls and her husband Elhannan William (Toney) Whitney. I'm sending you a little information about them and their children. Again, great site!
Tara Whitney       tara@bscn.com
She has a lot of information on the Descendants of Elhannan William (Tony) Whitney
My name is Terry Readnour Peters. I received an email from you about the Tierce Family. You have a Mahalia Martha Tierce listed as the 2nd great grand daughter of Jonathan Andrew Tierce. My grandmother was Martha Mahalia Tierce Readnour and she was born in Tuscaloosa Al, then move to Texas where she met and married my grandfather, Thomas Garfield Readnour. They then moved to Oklahoma. I believe that this is the same person. I would be happy to share all the family information that I have if you are interested.
I will be looking forward to your reply.
Terry Peters    tpeters@inola.k12.ok.us