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Kinship of Jonathan A. Tierce 4-7-2008
Kinship of Jonathan Andrew Tierce  12-2006
Kinship of Jonathan Andrew Tierce

Name     Relationship with Jonathan Tierce     Civil     Canon

?, Tammie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Acker, Alvin     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Acker, Elise     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Acker, John     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Acker, Laura Ann     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Acker, Robin Eugene     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Adams, Frances Tierce     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Adams, Glen D     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Adams, James     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Adams, Jimmie F.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Adams, Joseph     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Adams, Kit Tierce     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Adams, Philip     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Aldag, Anne     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Alexander, Alma     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Alexander, Arter South     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Alexander, Betty Joan     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Alexander, Boston Grover     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Alexander, Cheyenne Sequioa     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Alexander, David Lloyd     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Alexander, Donald Ray     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Alexander, Edie Lee     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Alexander, Jeffery Wayne     Ex-husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Alexander, John Lester     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Alexander, Jonathan Bryan     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Alexander, Nina Pearl     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Alexander, Norma Mary     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Alexander, Roy Allen     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Alexander, Thomas Edward     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Alexander, Vivian Onoldah     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Allen, Mattie Lou Tweezer     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Allen, Seth Wayne     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Allen, Terry     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Allman, Mandy Omellia     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Allman, Michael     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Allman, Robert Alan     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Alma     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Amber     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Amescua, Gregory Michael     Ex-husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Amescua, Justin Michael     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Amescua, Wesley Adam     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Amy     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Anderson, Doug Brant     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Ann     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Ann/     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Arnold, Sabrina Lynn     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Arnold, William Francis     Husband of the granddaughter          
Audette, David     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Austin, Ann Elizabeth     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Auten, James Neol     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Auten, Russell     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Auten, Travis     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Ayala, Martha     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Bagwell, Benny     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Baker, Bryce     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Baker, Kevin     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Baker, Lane     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Bargin, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Bargin, Dane     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Barnwell, Karen     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Barron, Julia     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Bateson, Cassandra     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Bateson, Ed     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Bateson, Hailey     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Bateson, Jordan     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Beard, Bob     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Bedford, Verona     Wife of the great-grandson          
Benefield, Annie Lou     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Benefield, Bobbie     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Berlinberg, Elyse Jordan     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Berlinberg, Graig David     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Berlinberg, Jenna Shea     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Berlinberg, Kalya Rene     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Berry, Margaret Frances     Wife of the great-grandson          
Bessie Jane     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Bevels, Will     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Beverland, John     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Beverland, Mabel     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Bidwell, Carolyn Virginia     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Bidwell, Deanna Kaye     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Bidwell, Pinky     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Bidwell, Sandra Dale     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Bidwell, Savanna Virginia Dale     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Bidwell, Zane Dale     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Bidwell, Zane Dale, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Bigham, Anna Suzanne     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Bigham, John     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Bigham, John Tyler     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Bigham, Michael Terry     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Bigham, Rhonda Lee     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Bigham, Rodney     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Black, Ina Victory     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Blair, Anthony Wayne     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Blair, Frank Wayne     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Blair, Janet Marlene     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Blair, Mickey Lee     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Blair, Natalie Leanne     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Blair, Terry Wayne     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Bolen, Barry     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Bonds, Mary     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Bonnie     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Boog, Buster or     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Boothe, Brody     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Boothe, James Harrison     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Boothe, James Sanford     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Boothe, Laura Elizabeth     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Boothe, Randall Todd     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Boozer, Laura A.     Wife of the great-grandson          
Bostick, William D. (Bill), Sr     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Bourland, Sara Jean Trusty     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Bowen, ?     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Bowie, Frances Pearl     Wife of the grandson          
Bowling, Brittney Leigh     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Bowling, Warren A.     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Boyd, Brian Christopher     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Boyd, Calvin     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Boyd, Frederick Jackson     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Boyd, Grady     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Boyd, Michael Byron     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Boyd, Wanda     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Boyd, William David     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Boyd, William David, Jr.     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Bridges, Betsy Joan     Ex-wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Briedwell, Dave     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Bright, Verna Kathleen     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Brooks, William Wesley     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Brown, Charlotte Jean     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Brown, Flora Mae     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Brown, Jollie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Brown, Mary Luella     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Brown, Minnie Lee     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Browne, Earl Leiaoha     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Browning, Edgar     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Brunson, Vida     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Burch, ?     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Burch, Dylan James     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Burch, Tianna Kiara     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Burt, Robert     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Bush, Cherrel Jean     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Byrd, Ellen     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Cabiness     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Camp, Kelly M.     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Cannon     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Carrie     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Carter, Noah     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Carter, Nora     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Carter, Robert Eli     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Carter, Sarah Elizabeth     Wife of the grandson          
Case, Gary     Ex-husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Casner, Suzette Marie     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cassinger     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Castle     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Chad     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Chapman, Eugene     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Chapman, Sandra Leigh     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Chapman, Tina Marie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Chappell, Mary Margaret     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Chastine, Lillie Snow     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Cheatham, Benjamin     Husband of the granddaughter          
Chism, Artie     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Chism, John Lynn     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Chism, Losso     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Chism, Martha Marilla     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Chism, Oscar Fred     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Chism, Renzo Leon Taylor     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Chism, Unknown     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Chism, Walter     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Chism, Zachery Taylor     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Christenson, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Chuck     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Clardy, Susannah     Daughter-in-law          
Cleveland, Casandra Ann     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cline, Mahaley     Wife of the grandson          
Cobb, Carrie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Colburn, James     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Collier, Adaline Tierce     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Collier, Benard Tierce     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Collier, Daniel     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Collier, W. A.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Collins, Daniell Renae     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Collins, Justin Michael     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Collins, Mike     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Collins, Sybil Dianne     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Collum, Elizabeth     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Collum, John     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Combs, Alex Wayne     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Combs, Alta Darlene     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Combs, Betty Sue     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Combs, Christopher John     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Combs, Dakota Zack     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Combs, Darlene     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Combs, Donna Lou     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Combs, Frankie Joe     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Combs, Granvell Wayne     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Combs, Granvill George     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Combs, Jeffery Lane     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Combs, Jeremiah Joe     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Combs, Jessi Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Combs, Jorge Monroe     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Combs, Lee Edward     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Combs, Roy Dean     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Combs, Sara Joe     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Combs, Shannon Joe     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Combs, Travis Dean     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Combs, Tresa Alane     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Combs, Tristan Lane     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Combs, Wayne     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Combs, Wilma Joyce     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Comer, Jim     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Condo, Angela Jo     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Condo, Christopher Petter     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Condo, Edward Peter     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Condo, Frank Alan     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Condo, Marion Frances     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Condo, Sheri Lynn     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Conners, Charity Kolista     Wife of the great-grandson          
Couts, Karen     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Covin, John Oscar     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Covin, Sara Alpha     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Covin, William Oscar     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Cox, Floy Jean     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cox, Fred Eli     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Cox, Jane     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Cox, Margaret     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cox, Margaret     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cox, Margaret     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cox, Margaret     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cox, Martha Ann     Wife of the great-grandson          
Cox, Myrice     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Cox, Tom Eli     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Cox, Tomas, Jr     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Cox, Willie     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Crocker, Amanda     Wife of the 6th great-grandson          
Crocker, Jennie (Jen) Pauline     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Crow, Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Crow, George Tierce     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Crow, J. J.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Crow, Joseph     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Crow, Robert Dunbar     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Crow, Susie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Crumly, Ellen     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Cruz, Rosita Perez     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Cunningham, James Mark     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Cuttbirth     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Cynthia     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Dale, Gloria May     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Danese, Meghan     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Daniel     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Daniel, Joseph     Husband of the granddaughter          
Daniel, Kerbert Larry     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Davis, L. E. Bud     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Davis, Marie Jewel     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Davis, Pamela     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Deal, Festus Fitts     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Deal, Inez     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Deal, Rufus Copeland     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Deal, Victor     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Dean     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Deas, Allison Michelle     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Deas, David Cameron     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Deas, Walter David     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Deason, Clara     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Deason, Della     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Deason, Emma     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Deason, Gilbert Tierce     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Deason, Ira     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Deason, James Jefferson     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Deason, Robert E. Lee     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Deason, Sarah Ann     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Deason, Thomas Edward     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Deason, William Eugene     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Deason, William. Archie (Archibal)     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Debardeleben, Amelia Margaret     8th great-granddaughter     X     10
Debardeleben, Benjamin James     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Debardeleben, Dagney Elise     8th great-granddaughter     X     10
Debardeleben, Frank Nelson, Jr.     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Debardeleben, Piper Noel     8th great-granddaughter     X     10
Debardeleben, Tatum Brace     8th great-granddaughter     X     10
Decker, Carol L.     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
DeJesus     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
DeMasco, Allyson Tierce     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
DeMasco, Ashley Lynn     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
DeMasco, John Phillip     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
DeMasco, Phil     5th great-grandson     VII     7
DeMasco, Tate Michell     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Dempsey, Frances     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Denlex, G. E.     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Dennis, L. C.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Dennis, Rubin Edgar     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Dennis, Sue Marie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Denton, T.     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Derby, Lynann     Husband of the niece          
Dickerson, Frances     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Dickerson, James     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Dickerson, Jim     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Dodds, Mary Zell Iris     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Dodds, William Lince     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Dodson, Hope     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Donaldson, Annie Gail     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Dones, Mel John     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Donna     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Donna     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Donna     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Doss, Frances Caroline     Wife of the grandson          
Doss, Sarah ( Jane) Elizabeth     Wife of the grandson          
Doucet, Helen Lee     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Dozier, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
DuBose, Rebeca Ann     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Duffy, Jaylene     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Duffy, Joline     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Duncan, April Nicole     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Duncan, Bryon Edward     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Duncan, Bryon Russell     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Durney, Geraldine Ruth     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Dutton, Nellie Francis     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Edgle, Maud     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Edmonds, Sara     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Edwards, Sarah     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Edwards, Stephen M.     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Elfring, Chuck     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Ella     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Ely, Catharine     Wife          
Ely, William H.     Brother-in-law          
England, Carol Ann     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Espey, Nancy     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Espy, Jas. Leroy     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Espy, John     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Espy, Joseph Franklin     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Espy, Susannah     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Espy, Tom     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Espy, William     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Essery     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Everotte, Elmer     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Everotte, Elmer     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Evett, Caroline     Wife of the great-grandson          
Falls, Arffia     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Bascomb     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Basil     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Brittany Danielle     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Falls, Charles Eugene     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Dempsey     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Elizabeth "Lizzie"     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Euell     2nd great-grandchild     IV     4
Falls, Eugene Ben. "Mut"     Great-grandson     III     3
Falls, Evie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Issac Shane     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Falls, James A.     Great-grandson     III     3
Falls, James Arthur     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, James G.     Husband of the granddaughter          
Falls, Joseph T.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Lela Ann     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Manley     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Martha     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Mary Elizabeth "Molly"     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Falls, Randolph     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Richard F. John     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Robert Edward     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Romelia Catherine     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Falls, Roscoe     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Sarah Ehizz Carole     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Sarah Isabelle     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Falls, Susan     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Thomas G.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, Vada     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Falls, Victor     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, William Obie     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Falls, William Richard     Great-grandson     III     3
Fendley, Joe Neal     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Fisher, Claire M.     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Fleet, G. W.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Fleming, James Robert     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Fleming, Katie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Fleming, Rebecca Jean     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Flores, Julia Anne     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Fonden, Ludie     3rd great-grandchild     V     5
Fondern, Charles     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Fondern, Clovis     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Fondern, Etta     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Fondern, Lela     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Fondern, Mattie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Fondern, Sally     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Fondern, Sudie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Fondern, William     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Forester, Rebecca     Wife of the grandson          
Fort, Arena     Wife of the great-grandson          
Frank, Sharon     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Freeman, Mary Ellen     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Freeman, William S.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Frick, Charlotte     Wife of the 7th great-grandson          
G.Watkins, Lyle     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Gaffney, Patricia Ann     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Gaines, Edmund Pendleton     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Gaines, Eleanor "Nellie"     Daughter-in-law          
Gaines, Georgie Augusta     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Gaines, James Pendleton     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Gaines, Myra Clark     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Gangle, Kelly Joel     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Gann, Jackie     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Gant, Melissa     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Garahan, Francis     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Garahan, Olivia Clarrise     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Gatewood, Leona Pearl     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Gentry, Charles     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
George, Mattie Grace     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Gilbert, Carolyn Sue     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Gillam     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Gilliam, Lura     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Gilmore, Brook     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Gilmore, Lorin     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Goldie     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Goode, Alice     Wife of the great-grandson          
Goodin, Martha A.     Wife of the great-grandson          
Gordin, Jewel Annie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Gordon, Jack     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Gossett, Louise     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Gravlee, E. Dow     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Gray, Jake Mathew     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Gray, Lorretta     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Gray, Sandra     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Green, Carolyn Louisa     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Green, Elizabeth Elliott     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Green, Henry Thaddius     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Green, Hulda Ellen     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Green, Jane     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Green, Jane Adella     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Green, Jesse Franklin     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Green, Jno. Harrison     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Green, Mary Elvira     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Green, Sarah Irene     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Green, William Hardy     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Green, Wm. Hardy     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Gregory, Marietta     Wife of the great-grandson          
Grim, ?     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Grim, Cody Eugene     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Grindel, Tonie Marie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Grindel, Vince     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Grindel, Vince Joseph     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Gustin, Debra     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Guy, Linda Joyce     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Guy, Raymond Ammons     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Guy, Sharon Kay     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Hagan, George     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Hagler, John M.     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Hambrick, Angelica     Wife of the great-grandson          
Hambrick, Mattie     Wife of the great-grandson          
Hamilton     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Hammer, Ronald Anders     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Hammer, Virginia Gayle     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Hamner     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Hamner, Frank Brandon     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Hamner, Frank Brandon, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Hanes, Mary     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Harbin, Melissa Gayle     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Hardy, Harriet Emma     Wife of the great-grandson          
Harkey, Senia Ann     Wife of the great-grandson          
Harman, Bessie     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Harrell, Hellen     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Harris, Cecil     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Harris, Jennifer     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Harris, Jennifer     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Harris, Jim W.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harris, Reba Faye     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Harris-Ayala, Alexander     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Harris-Ayala, Andrea     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Harrison, Benjamin Karl     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Harrison, Benjamin Michael     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Harrison, Benjamin Michael III     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Harrison, Benjamin Michael, Jr     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harrison, Brandy LaShae     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Harrison, Candia Elizbeth     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Harrison, Chrystak Paige     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Harrison, Dewey Lee     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Harrison, Elizabeth Anne     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Harrison, Hali Christine     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Harrison, Heath Landrum     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Harrison, Marrhew Raye, Jr     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Harrison, Martin Irvin, Jr     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Harrison, Martin Irving     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harrison, Matcus Robert     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harrison, Matthew Raye     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harrison, McCay Lyman     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harrison, Melvin Christopher     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harrison, Mitchell Thomas     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Harrison, Revis Marcus     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Harrison, Wesley Rice Rogers     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Hart, Winnie Brooks     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Harvey, Polly Ann     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Harvey, Samantha     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hawkins, L. Dolphines     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Hayes     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Hayes, Maude Bell Zora     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Hayes, Nora Leona     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Haynes, Lawrence Richard     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Hedecock, Eula Bell     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Helms, Anthony Lyn     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Helms, Carly     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Helms, Elizabeth Joy     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Helms, Gary Lyn     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Helms, Harley     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Helms, Kelsey Ann     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Helms, Marcus Eugene     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Helms, Tylor Joseph     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Henderson     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Henderson, James Harvey     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Henderson, James Harvey II     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Henderson, Whitney Florence     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Henry, Sarah Beth     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Hester     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Hice, Delbert Ray     Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Hice, Sharilyn Kay     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Hice, Tamara Suzanne     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Hicks     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Hill, Amber Jane     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hill, Anthony Wayne     Ex-husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Hill, Rhett Anthony     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Hill, Tiffany Renee'     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hiltz, Darrell Adrian     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Hines, Anthony A.     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Hines, Melissa Lynn     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hodnutt, Jefferson H.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Hogrie     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Holland     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Holland, John Clay     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Holley, Maude     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Hollingsworth, Alexandra     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Bradley Dean     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Brandon Michael     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Bryanna     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Daniel     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Hollingsworth, Diana Dean     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hollingsworth, Doyle J.     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Hollingsworth, Elbert Ray     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Hollingsworth, Geraldine Laveta     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hollingsworth, James Ray     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Hollingsworth, Karessah Raelyn     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Kelsey Naomi     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Kendra Lea     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hollingsworth, Ladonna Darlene     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hollingsworth, Robert A.     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Robert Leon     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Hollingsworth, Robert Leon II     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Hollingsworth, Shane Derek     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Sharon Sue     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hollingsworth, Shawna Dean     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Teeley Hawk     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Hollingsworth, Valerie Lynn     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Hollis, Ida     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Holmes, Kenley     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Holmes, Kristie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Holmes, Mike     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Holmes, Mike, Jr     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Honbeck, Denton     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Honbeck, Elmo     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Honbeck, Joseph Dunreath     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Honbeck, Malinda Rachael     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Honbeck, Ora Mae     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Honbeck, Raymond Gerald     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Honbeck, Shelia     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Honbeck, Susan Jane     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Hooper, Margarette     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Horn, Ruby     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Horton, Alice     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Hosey, Elisibeth     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
House, Brenda Joyce     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Howard, Ian Chandler     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Howard, Jack     Ex-husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Huff, Ashley Elizabeth     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Huff, Justin Gregory     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Huff, Kevin     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Hufstetler, Annie     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Hughes, Gwennie Mae     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Hunter, Mary (Polly)     Sister-in-law          
Hurter, William Allen     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Hutchings, Brittany Elain     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hutchings, Kattarina Dawne     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Hutchings, Keith William     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Hyche, Betty Romie     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Hyche, Lela Alma     Wife of the great-grandson          
Hyde, Alice     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Hyde, Henry     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Hyde, Jack     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Hyde, Walter     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Ingram, Rose     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Irene, Myrtle     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Jackson, Vera     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Jacobs, Randall     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Jacobs, Rebecca Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Jacobs, Robbyn Rene'     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Jamie     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Jane     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Jay, Charles F.     Husband of the granddaughter          
Jay, Susan Margaret     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Jeanne     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Jefferson, Sharolyn     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Jim     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Jim     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Joe, Carol     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Johansen, George Arthur     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Johnson, Andrew McBride     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Johnson, Brenda Faye     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Johnson, Drew Alise     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Johnson, Graig     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Johnson, Kaylene     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Johnson, Leann Marie     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Johnson, Parker McBride     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Johnson, Rebecca Jane     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Johnson, Roy Leon     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Johnson, Samantha Jane     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Johnston, Patty     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Jones, David     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Jones, Ginger     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Jones, Manley     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Jones, Martha Jane     Wife of the great-grandson          
Jones, Richard     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Judy     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Juengst, Adele     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Juengst, Daniel Charles     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Juengst, Daniel Purdy     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Juengst, Eric Thomas     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Juengst, Staurt William     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Junkin, Sheryl Denise     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Jurado, Jesus Adrian     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Jurado, Jesus Antonia, Jr     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Katy     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Kayner, Miriam Ardella     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Kelly, Frank     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Kelly, Maghan Danese     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Kennedy, Norma Jeanne     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Kenter, Millard Gene     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Kilgore, Lucy     Wife of the great-grandson          
King     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
King, Brittany     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
King, Clarice     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
King, Glen     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
King, James     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
King, Laura     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
King, Ryne Elliott     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Kinion, Mabel Louise     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Kirsh, Marilyn Margaret     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Kitchen, Floyd     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Kizziah, Andrea Dawn     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Kizziah, Benjamin Herschel     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Kizziah, India Caprice     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Kizziah, Myra Berniece     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Kizziah, Robert Steven     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Knapp, Inge     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Knight, Adam     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Knight, Gary Keith     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Knight, Gilbert LeRoy     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Knight, Heather Marie     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Knight, Karl Wade     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Knight, Keith Leroy     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Knight, Kimberly Mae     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Knight, Mary     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Knight, Michael     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Knight, Rachel Christine     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Knight, Russel     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Knight, Tia Collette     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Knight, Trent Allen     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Knoll, Marlin     Ex-husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Koster, Willie Hardin     Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Kremer, Karen     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Kukendall, Sarah     Wife of the great-grandson          
Kuntz, Dakota Rose     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Kuntz, Mathaew     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Kuropatwa     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Lahief, Tamara     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Langham, Mary Viola     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Latham, Donna Jo     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Latta     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Lawrence, Terry S.     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Lawshe, Kenny     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Lawson, Brittany Lynn     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Lawson, Delta Jean     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Lawson, Denise Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Lawson, Don Joseph     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Lawson, Heather Ann     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Lawson, Reta Jane     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Lawson, W. Don     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Leach     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Lee     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Lee, Nora     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Lee, Robin Janice     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Legg     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Leland     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Lems, Jamie Marie     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Leroy     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Leslie, James A.     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Linda     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Linfor, Allison Rae     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Linfor, Jeremy Lee     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Linfor, Kristi Marie     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Linfor, Larry Allen     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Lockshaw, John     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Lorrie     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Lorrie     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Lykens, R. Everett     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Mabel     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Mabry, Charley     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Mabry, Charley Marvin     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Mabry, James Eldrie     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Mabry, Marvin     5th great-grandson     VII     7
MacFadden, Linda S.     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
MacGeorge, Joshua Troy     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
MacGeorge, Matthew Troy     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
MacGeorge, Nicole Lynn     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Macilla, Mary     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Maddocks, Michael     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Maddocks, Noah Coleman     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Maddox, Micheal     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Mallery, ?     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Mallery, Vanessa Nicole     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Mallett, Brandy Jean     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Mallett, Jerrry Lee Jr     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Mallett, Shane Anthony     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Mallows, Mamie Olive     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Manisco, Emma     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Mansfield, Dorothy Neil     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Margaret Maggie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Marker, Lee Conrad     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Marker, Lee Conrad II     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Martin, Jack     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Martindale, Chad     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Martinez, Annie Marie     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Martinez, Jamie     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Martinez, Junior     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Masinter, Sandra L.     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Mathis, Kathleen     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Mathis, Tucker Iverson     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Mattison, Ellen Patricia     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Mattison, Hannah Dale     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Mattison, James Alexander     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Mattison, Mark     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
May, Kimberly Marie     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Maybre, Daniel Robert     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Maybre, Jacob Steven     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Mc Celland, Cerealla Necole     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Mc Celland, Dean     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Mc Collough, Donna Rebecca     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
McCain, Cressie A.     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
McCaleb     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
McCaleb, ?     5th great-grandchild     VII     7
McCaleb, Pam     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
McClammer, Alyssia Marie     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
McClammer, Cortney Aaron     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
McClammer, Kyle David     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
McClammer, Roger David     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
McCurdy, Kirkpatrick     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
McDanials, Doug     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
McDanials, Jasper Lee     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
McDanials, Jennifer     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
McDaniel, Douglas     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Mcland, Jordon Wayne     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Mcland, Steve     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Mcland, Taylor Christine     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
McLaughlin, Vicki Joanne     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
McLure, John W.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
McLure, William P.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Medders     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Medders, Clifford Monroe     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Medders, George Lester     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Medders, Iler Elizabeth     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Medders, John Cullen     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Medders, Ludie Estelle     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Medders, Razzie Aselee     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Medders, Rush Henley     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Medders, Stella Palestine     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Medders, Viola Maybelle     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Melton, Octavia Milton     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Mickelson-Larson, Catherine     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Miller, Carol Jean     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Miller, Charles Edward     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Miller, Charles Edward III     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Miller, Joseph     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Miller, Judy     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Miller, Kyle Steven     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Miller, Paige Mackenzie     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Miller, Patricia Ann     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Miller, Randy     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Miller, Steven Virl     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Miller, Tracy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Milner     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Milner, Rhonda Jean     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Mingham, George     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Mitchell, Evelyn     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Mitchell, Lynda     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Mize, Frances Armendy     Wife of the great-grandson          
Moore, Dorothy Elaine     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Moore, Katherine Marie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Moore, Kelly Eileen     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Moore, Kelly Malia     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Moore, Leslie Elizbath     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Moore, Lester Franklin     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Moore, Misty     Wife of the 6th great-grandson          
Moore, William B.     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Moreland, Ethel May     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Morton, Wilber John     Partner of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Murakame, Mieko     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Murray, Frank Ray     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Murray, George Gaines     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Murray, Infant Girl     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Murray, Kelly     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Murray, Mary Frances     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Murray, Robert Henry     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Murray, Sarah Caroline     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Murray, Slaughter Tierce     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Murray, Thomas Wood     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Murray, William F.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Murray, William James     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Myers, Ashley Marie     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Myers, Hubert     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Myers, Jason Brandon     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Myers, Jennifer Leonette     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Myers, Steven David     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Myers, Steven Douglas     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Nance, Charles Alan     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Nance, Eric Carles     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Nance, Mark Alan     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Nancy     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Napier, Lauren Elizabeth     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Napier, Madeline C.     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Napier, Matthew Moreland     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Napier, Thomas     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Napier, Thomas C., Jr     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Nelson     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Netts     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Nevin, Jerri Gay     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Newberry, Amanda Ellen     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Nichols, Christie Michelle     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Nichols, Michael Austin     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Niles, Clarence Arthur     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Niles, John Albert     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Noin, Michael David     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Nolen     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Nolen, Sarah     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Norell, Wayne     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Norman, George     Great-grandson     III     3
Norman, James     Great-grandson     III     3
Norman, Mary Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Norman, Nellie     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Norman, William     Husband of the granddaughter          
Norton, James D., Jr.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Norton, Janet Lynn     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Nugent, Mary Lucille     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Oakes, Ellen Lavinia     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
O'Daniel, Annie Jean     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
O'Daniel, Eugene Howard     3rd great-grandson     V     5
O'Daniel, Howard Hughes     4th great-grandson     VI     6
O'Daniel, John Robert     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Orning, Felicia     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Orning, Gage     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Orning, Jacob     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Orning, Jake     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Osborn, Angus Dee     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Osborn, Carrie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Osborn, Edward Eugene     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Osborn, Elliott Lee     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Osborn, Hamp     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Osborn, Maud     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Osborn, William     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Ostrander, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Ostrander, Hannah     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Owens, Christopher     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Owens, Donny     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Owens, Seth     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Pace, Deborah Kay     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Pace, James     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Pace, Jenilee     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Pace, Jo Rita     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Pace, John Jay     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Pace, Lacy     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Paden     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Panfalone, Michele     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Panfalone, Sherry Panfalone     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Panfalone, Vito     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Park     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Parker, Eli     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Parker, Israel     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Pearson, Kristy Lee     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Pearson, Martha Marilla     Wife of the grandson          
Peldyak, Chelsea Ann     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Peldyak, Mark Edward     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Peldyak, Steven Edward     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Pennington, Carolyn     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Perkins, Elsa Lorraine     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Perkins, John William     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Peterson, Kathi     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Phillips, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Phillips, Brandon     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Phillips, Sarah C.     Wife of the great-grandson          
Phillips, Shane     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Phillips, Tabitha     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Phillis     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Pierce, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Pierce, Jeremy     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Pierce, Jonathan     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Pierce, Savanah     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Pike, Hugh Davis, Jr     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Pinky     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Poitevent, Lola Ruth     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Polhemus, Amanda Conover     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Polhemus, Patricia Lake     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Polhemus, William Lake     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Polzin, Jeffery Brian     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Poole, Ora Mae     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Posey, Elbert G.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Preston, Larry Gene     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Preston, Laurette Christine     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Preston, Lisa Kay     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Preston, Steve     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Price, Argy     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Price, Elisha Clyde     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Price, Fanny     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Price, Jas.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Price, Kate     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Price, Ruben     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Prince, John M.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Prince, Stephen Dale     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Pugh, Dorothy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Pugh, Leon     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Pugh, Luther     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Pugh, Margie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Pugh, Oline     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Pugh, Raymon     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Pugh, Roberta     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Pugh, Ruth     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Purkiss, May     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Rachael     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Radcliffe, Jerry     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Ragland, Teresa L.     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Rainey, Blake Marshall     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Rainey, James R.     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Rainey, Nicholas Hoyt     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Ramsey, Early     2nd great-grandchild     IV     4
Ramsey, Elbert     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Ramsey, Jess     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Ramsey, Lizzie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Ramsey, Robert     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Ramsey, Thomas     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Ramsey, Willie     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Rankin, Frances Addie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Reasor     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Reasor, Sonja Elane     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Reed, Sarah     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Reichert, David     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Reichert, Madalyn Grace     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Reid, Ronald Robertson     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Renfroe, Benjamin Anthony     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Renfroe, Elginney     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Renfroe, James Eugene     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Renfroe, Jane Lizzie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Renfroe, Martha Hester     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Renfroe, William Hampton     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Retzloff, Darlene Shirley     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Reynolds, Larry Joe     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Rhinehart, Edna G.     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Rhinhart     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Rice, Debra     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Rice, Gary Ward     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Rice, Laramie Kane     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Richards, Mary Elvia     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Richter, Henry A.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Richter, Henry Anthony (Tony)     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Richter, Katherine Brynne     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Richter, Lakosta Toreena     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Richter, Larry Lee II     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Richter, Larry Lee III     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Richter, Meredith Kerstin     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Richter, Robert Alan II     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Richter, Sonya Carol     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Richter, Tonya (Button) Carol     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Riley, Alpha Elibeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Riley, Green Berry     Husband of the granddaughter          
Riley, Samuel Caper     Great-grandson     III     3
Roberts, Del     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Roberts, Delbert Carl     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Robin     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Robinson     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Robinson, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Robinson, ?     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Robinson, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Robinson, ?     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Robinson, Lamara P.     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Rochester, Benjamin Traywick     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Rochester, Mary Kathryn     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Roland, William P B     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Rolston, Ruth     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Rosmond, Carl     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Rosmond, Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Rosmond, Ellen     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Rosmond, Jim     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Rosmond, John     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Rosmond, Monroe     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Rosmond, William     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Ross, Johnathan     Son-in-law          
Ross, Rewben     Son-in-law          
Rosser, Benjamin, Sr.     Husband of the granddaughter          
Rosser, Florence S.     Wife of the great-grandson          
Rosser, Mary Jane     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Royal, Earl E     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Royce, Mark William     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Rushing, Brandon Goldman     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Rushing, Brett Nevin     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Rushing, Brock Collier     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Rushing, Charles Preston     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Rushing, Charles Preston, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Rushing, Cindy Ann     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Rushing, Lyle Goldman     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Rushing, Preston Tucker     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Rushing, Rebecca Kaye     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Rushing, Terry Stanley     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Rushing, Truman Hillman "Buck"     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Russell, Lloyd Dicks     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Ryals, Jarvis     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Saliba, Arthur H.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Saliba, Charlotte Elaine     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Saliba, Joseph Arthur     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Salter, Chantelle Necole     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Salter, Tom     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Sanchez, Juan III     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Sanders, Lillie Mae     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Sandy     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Sanford     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Sappington, ?     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Sappington, Daniel     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Sappington, Nathan Williams     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Sargeant, Katelyn Alise     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Sargeant, Kevin Wayne     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Sargeant, Molly Allison     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Sargeant, Zachary Wayne     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Sawyer, Stewart Fred     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Scales, Veturia "Tee"     Wife of the great-grandson          
Scarfe, Jacquline Ceciele     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Scarfe, Maurice     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Scarfe, Willy     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Schrivner     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Scrivner, Edgar V.     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Scrivner, Nanalou     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Scrivner, William     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Scrivner, William Stanley     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Scrivner, Willis     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Scruggs, Horace     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Seim, Arne     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Seim, John Michael     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Seim, Lisa Mary     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Seim, Nancy Ruth     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Selby, Trevie (Hutto)     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Sexton, Carol Lynn     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Sexton, Jerry     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Sexton, Sarah C.     Wife of the great-grandson          
Seymour, Ed     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Shari     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Sharon     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Sharon     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Sharp, Laurie Fierra     Ex-wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Sharp, Sallie Hazectine     Wife of the great-grandson          
Sharplin, Debra Jane     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Shinn, Deni Jo     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Shinn, Jackie Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Shinn, Raymond Dean     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Shirley, Emma     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Shirley, Joel     Husband of the granddaughter          
Shirley, John James Jeremiah     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Shirley, Malassia     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Shirley, Margaret     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Shirley, Mary     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Shirley, Minnie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Shirley, Pink     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Shirley, Susannah     Wife of the grandson          
Shirley, Susannah     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Shirley, Thomas     Great-grandson     III     3
Simmons     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Simmons, Andrea Faith     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Simmons, Harold Joseph     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Simmons, Jacob Adrian     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Simmons, Johnny Matthew     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Simmons, Roger Anthony     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Sipes, Joyce Marie     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Sirett, John     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Sirett, Pearl     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Sirett, Tom     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Skelton, Myle Ivey     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Slaughter, Elizabeth     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Sloupenhough, Stacy     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Smelser, Rhonda Renee     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Smith     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Smith, Amy Danielle     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Smith, Don Thomas     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Smith, George William     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Smith, Gregory Stephen     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Smith, Laura Amanda     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Smith, Leslie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Smith, Lucille     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Smith, Marcy     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Smith, Mary     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Smith, Phillip Michael     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Smith, Teresa     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Smyth, Jason Lamar     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Smyth, Madison Lamar     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Snider, Don     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Snider, Dulcie     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Snider, EBB     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Snider, Howard     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Snider, Jessie DeEllen     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Snider, Johnny Lee     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Snider, Lettie Mae     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Snider, Lucille     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Snider, Mary Lou     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Snider, Maudie G.     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Snider, Robert     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Snider, Robert     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Snider, Sara Josephine     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Snider, Woodrow     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Snyder, Mollie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Snyder, Robert Cecil     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Snyder, Virginia Gail     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Sonnie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
South, E. W.     Husband of the granddaughter          
South, Essie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
South, Jim     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
South, Joy Rae     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
South, Ray Stanton     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
South, Sarah Sally     Wife of the grandson          
Sparks, Barbara Lynn     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Sparks, Bud     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Sparks, Carla Jean     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Sparks, Christina Lorraine     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Sparks, Clayton Eugene     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Sparks, Frankie Lee     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Sparks, Gene     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Sparks, Joe     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Sparks, Joseph Huey     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Sparks, Joseph Wesley (Skipper)     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Sparks, Julie Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Sparks, Kevin Eugene     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Sparks, Lance Cobb     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Sparks, Lowell Dean     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Sparks, Melissa Darlene     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Sparks, Pamila Joe     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Sparks, Wesley     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Sparks, Wesley Dwayne     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Sparks, Wesley Eugene     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Spease, Kelly Ann     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Sperry, Brookelynn Cheyenne     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Sperry, Checota     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Sperry, Dakota     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Sperry, Huston Tucker     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Spurgeon, Tianna     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Spurlin, Gale     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Stacy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Stamper, George E.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Stanley, Bevelry Renee     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Stanley, George Alan     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Stanley, George E.     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Starkey, Helen     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Starkey, Richard     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Starkey, Tony     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Starkey, Unknown     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Stephenson, Ada     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Stephenson, Andrew     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Stephenson, Elliott Levert     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Stephenson, Flossie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Stephenson, Jonathan Lee     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Stephenson, Lillie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Stephenson, Lizzie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Stephenson, Marion Mose     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Stephenson, Vada     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Stevens, Arthur     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Stevens, Christopher Kirk     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Stevens, Dana Marie     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Stevens, Michelle Lee     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Stevens, Nicole Joyce     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Stewart, Jessie Florence     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Stewart, William Henry     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Strain, Willie Effie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Strickland, Sylvia Madeline     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Striping, Larry Eugene     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Stuart, Frances     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Stucky, Ruby     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Swaney     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Swanner, Beverly     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Swart, Frances Lynn     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Swart, Robert B     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Tate, Diane-Marie     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Taylor, Adina     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Taylor, Delaney Curry     Spouse of the great-grandson          
Taylor, Edward     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Taylor, George     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Taylor, George Bradford Tierce     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Taylor, J. T.     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Taylor, Lou     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Taylor, Luther     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Taylor, Marion     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Taylor, Razzie Louise     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Taylor, Spergeon S.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Taylor, Susannah     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Taylor, Walton     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Taylor, Wesley     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tearse, Elizabeth     Niece     III     2
Tearse, Peter Bailey     Brother     II     1
Terry, Alzera Iona     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Terry, Ozella     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Terry, Tammy Jo     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Thomas, Alice Frances     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Thomas, Charles Lee     Ex-husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Thomas, Dennis Lee     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Thomas, Dennis Lee Jr     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Thomas, Emma Kristeen     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Thomas, Franklin D.     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Thomas, James Monroe     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Thomas, Mary Elizabeth     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Thomas, Shirley Kay     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Thomas, Tommy Dean     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Thompson, Angela Marie     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Thompson, Billy     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Thompson, Dale Eugene     5th great-grandson     VII     7
     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Thompson, David Roy     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Thompson, David Roy, Jr.     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Thompson, James Dewey     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Thompson, Joseph James     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Thompson, Rodney Dale Eugene     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Thornburg, Bethy     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Thower, Lauren     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Tierce     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, ?     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, ?     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, ?     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, ?     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, ?     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, ?     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, A.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Abner     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Addie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Addie May     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Agatha     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Albert     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Albert     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Alexandra Audrea     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Alford Alex     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Alfred Alex     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Alice     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Alice Delaney     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Alison Lynn     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Alma Louise     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Alta Pamilia     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Alton Alex     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Amanda Jane     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Amanda Lee     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Amy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Andrew Bascomb     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Angela Michelle     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Angus Bamberg     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Anna     Daughter     I     1
Tierce, Annie Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Annie Lee     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Annie Mae     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Anthony Donald     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, April Nicol     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Archie (Taylor)     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Arlon Eugene     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Arthur     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Ashley Nicole     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Tierce, Ava Kay     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Baby     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Barbara Ann     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Becky     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Belle     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Benjamin     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Benjamin Collier     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Benjamin Collier, Jr     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Benjamin Fletcher     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Benjamin James     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, Benjamin Jason     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Benjamin Price     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Benjamin Tucker     Son     I     1
Tierce, Benjamin Walton     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Benjanim Walter     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Bertie May     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Bessie Beatrice     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Bessie Kate     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Betty Louise     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Beula     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Billie Wayne     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Billy Jay     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Blayton Blayton     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Bobbie Marthalyn     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Bobby Louis     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Bobby Mark     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Bonnetta Jewell     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Bonnie Laura     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Brandon Kelly     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Brenda Gail     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Brenda Joyce     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Brett Morris     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Buddy     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Buster     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Caitlin Rose     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Camern Sean     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Candace Megan     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Carl     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Carl     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Carl     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Carlene Myrtle     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Caroline Elliott     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Carrie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Carrie E.     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Carrie Lee     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Casey Jones     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Cassidy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Cassie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Catharine     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Catharine Eleanor     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Cecial     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Charity Kolista     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Tierce, Charles Abner     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Charles Hershel     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Charles Hoyle     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Charles Mitchell     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Charles Ray     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Charles Romane     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Charles Scott     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Charlotte Jane     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Christine Mae     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Christy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Cindy Yvonne     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Claudine     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Clifford Andrew     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Clinton Jason     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Constance     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Constantine, Jr.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Cordie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Corendene Edwina     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Dade     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Daniel     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Daniel     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Daniel Eldrie     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Darlene     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, David     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, David     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, David Elie     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, David Simeon     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Dawn Allison     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Deborah Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Dennis Eugene     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Dennis Lee     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Diane Marie     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Donnie     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Tierce, Dora     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Dora Lee     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Doyle Slover     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Drewey Christopher     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Druey     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Dustin     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Dylan Daniel     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Earl     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Earl M.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Eddie Joe     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Edellar     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Edwin LeRoy     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Effie Mae     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Ela     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Eldrie     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Eleanor     Daughter     I     1
Tierce, Eleanor     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Eleanor Ann     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Elfie Mae     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Elisha South     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Eliza     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Elizabeth     Daughter     I     1
Tierce, Elizabeth     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Elizabeth     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Elizabeth     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Elizabeth Louise     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Ellen     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Ellen Ruth     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Elliott A.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Elliott Catlett     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, Elliott Lee     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Elsie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Elve Tisha     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Emily Christine     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Emma     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Emmett     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Emmitt James     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Estelle     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Ethel     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Ethel Joyce     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Ethel Lee     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Eugene Benjamin     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Eugene Benjamin     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Eugene Benjamin, Jr.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Eugene Donald     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Eugene Levert     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Eugene William (EW)     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Eunice     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Eunice     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Eva     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Evelyn     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Evert Hershel     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Fannie Addell     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Fanny     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Fay     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Faye Elizabeth     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Festus Fletcher     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Flossie Delilah Birch Easter     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Floyd Gene     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Frances     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Frances     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Frances E.     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Frances Nadine     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Fred     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Galvin Bryan     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Tierce, Gary Ken     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Gayla Jo     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Gene Arthur     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, George A., Jr.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, George Andrew     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, George Andrew     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, George Culver     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, George Dial     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, George Evans     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, George Harrison     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, George Richard     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, George Wallis     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, George Washington     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, George William     Son     I     1
Tierce, George William     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, George William     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, George William Oscar     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, George William, Jr.     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, George Young     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, George Young III     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, George Young, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Gilbert David Lee     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Gilbert Lee     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Gilbert Lee, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Ginny Mae     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Glen     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Glenda Katharine     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Glenn     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Glenn Jones     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Goldie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Grace     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Graham Ivor     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Gretna Marzee     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Gwen     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Gwen Jo     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Harold Bradford     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Harrison     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Helen Grace     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Helen Lee     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Hellen Joe     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Henry Richard     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Henry Richard, Jr.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Hervey Otis     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Hester     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Hester     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Hester Elaine     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Homer     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Horace Mitchell     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Horace Mitchell II     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Howard     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Hubert     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Hubert Andrew     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Hulda     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Ida     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Ida     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Ida Mae     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Ida Mae     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Ida Matilda     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Ina Ruth     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Inf.     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Inf.     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Isam Lee     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Jack     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Jack, Jr.     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Jackson Ealy     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Jake or JC     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, James     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, James     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, James Allen     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, James Arthur Junici     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, James Benjamin     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, James Benjamin     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, James Hampton     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, James Marvin     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, James Napoleon     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, James Noel     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, James Patton     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, James Rodger     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, James Thomas     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, James Vernon     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, James William Henry     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, James William M.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Jamie Alisa     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Jane     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Jane     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Jane     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Janella     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Janett Suzette     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Janette     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Jas. Thaddius     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Jasper Burble     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Jeffrey Daniel     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Jeffrey Mark     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Jennefer Angelina     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Jennifer Caren     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Jeremy Joe     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Jeremy Neil     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Jerry Neil     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Jessica Jo     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Jill     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Jimmy Morris     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Jimmy Shane     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Jno. Hudson     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Joe     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Joe Allen     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Joe E.     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Joe Gordon     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Joel Warren     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Joel Warren III     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Joel Warren, Jr     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Joesph Eucle     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, John     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, John Abner     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, John Adam     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, John Adam, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, John Christopher     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, John Coplin     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, John Curley     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, John Dennis     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, John Doyle     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, John Doyle, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, John Franklin     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, John Fred     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, John Richard     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, John S.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, John William     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Jolly     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Jonathan Andrew     Self          0
Tierce, Jonathan Andrew     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Jonathan Evan     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Jonathan Price     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Joseph Charley     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Joseph Gordon, Jr.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Joseph Henry     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Joseph Robert     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Joseph Thomas     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Joseph Thomas     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Joseph Thomas, Jr.     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Joseph Warren     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Joshua Eugene     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Joshua William     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Joyce     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Juanita     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Judy Lynn     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Julia Frances (Jean)     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Julia Rae     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, Julie     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, Julius Ray     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, June Rose     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Justin Michael     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Tierce, Kala Elaine     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Kaleb Mark     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Karen Sue     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Kate Manvel     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Katherine     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Kathrine     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Kathryn Cordelia     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Kathryn Denice     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Kathryn Hester     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Katie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Kelli Dianne     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Kenneth Newton     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Kenneth Randall     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Kermit     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Kevin Craig     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Kim Suzanne     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Kimberly Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Kristine-Marie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Kristoffer Frank     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Kyle Moreland     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Lafayette Lucius     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Laura Jean     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Laura Joan     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Laura Sarah     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Lawrence     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Lela Ophelia     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Lenard Edwin     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Leonard Edwin     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Lera Layton     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Lewis     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Lewis     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Lewis Barbee     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Lewis Frederick     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Lewis Hart     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Lillie LaWanda     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Linda Lee     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Lloyd Elbert     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Lloyd Elbert     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Lloyd Elbert, Jr     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Logan Mark     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Lois Ann     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Lula Kathryn     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Lurlie Margaurite     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Lydia Elizabeth     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Lynda Ann     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Mae Ola     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Maggie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Mahala M.     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Mallie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Mallie Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Malven     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Mamie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Margaret Elizabeth (Lizzie)     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Marie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Marietta Evelyine     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Marion     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Marshall Lee     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Martha Clementine     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Martha Louise     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Martin Tracy     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Marvin Dale     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Mary     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Mary Adaline     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Mary Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Mary Elizabeth     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, Mary Essie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Mary Gay     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Mary George     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Mary Katherine     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Mary Lee     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Mary Magdelina     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Mary Sue     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Matilda Jane     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Mauna Rhea     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Maurice     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, May Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Melanie Jean     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Melony     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Melvin     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Memnon     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Memnon (Trip) III     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Memnon II     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Merritt Chrisian     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Michael Anthony     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Michael Benjamin     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Michael Ray     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Michael Richard     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Michelle Yuki     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Michielle Lee     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Mike     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Millard LaFayette     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Millard Lucian     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Millard Lucian, Jr.     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Minnie Lyn     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Mollie     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Mona Lisa     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Myrna Kay     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, N. Washington     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Nancy     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Nancy Elizabeth     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Nancy Marilla     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Nancy Parilee     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Nead     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Noland     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Nora L.     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Norman Jack     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Tierce, Obe     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Octavia     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Ola Mae     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Olap Gladisteen     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Onoldah Ann     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Osmond Kelly     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Otis Young     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Pam     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Patricia     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Patricia Adair     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Patricia F.     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Patricia Louis     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Patricia Lynn     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Tierce, Paula Renee     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Pauline     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Pearl Elizbeth     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Percinia     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Peter B.     Brother     II     1
Tierce, Peter Charles     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Phillip Douglas     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Phillip Douglas, Jr     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Ramsey     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Ray Allen     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Reba     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Rebecca     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Reginald Donald     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Reginald Lance     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Reginald Todd     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Rhonda Joyce     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Rich     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Richard     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, Richard Author     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Richard B.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Richard Eli     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Richard Harold     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Richard Price     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Richard South, Jr.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Robbie Martin     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Robert     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Robert Benjamin     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Robert Charles     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Robert Cleo     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Robert Cleo (Popeye), Jr.     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Robert Conner     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Robert Constantine     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Robert Milton     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Robert Roy     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Robert Roy     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Robin Elizbeth     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Rogene Swanson     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Roland     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Rolen     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Roma Strain     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Ronald Fred     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Ronald Lynn     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Roy     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Roy Lee     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Ruby Nell     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Russell     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Ruth     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Sally     Daughter     I     1
Tierce, Sally Sarah     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Sandra     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Sandra     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Sandra Sue     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Sara Adaline     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Sara Frances     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Sarah     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Sarah     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Sarah (Sallie) Samantha     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Sarah Ann     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Sarah Cornelia     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Sarah Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Sarah Frances     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Seazon Kenli     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Seth Mark     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Tierce, Shannon Leigh     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Shawn Matthew     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Sherri Lynn     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Sherri Michelle     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Shirley Gayle     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Shirley Jean     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Shirley Levon     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Simeon Berry     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Stanley Albert     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Stanley Richard     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Stanley Wesley     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Stephen Michael     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Stephen Michael II     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Steve     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Summer Melei     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Susan     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Susan     Granddaughter     II     2
Tierce, Susan Adaline     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Susan Elizabeth     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Susan Elizabeth     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Susan Etta     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Susan Frances     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Susan Martha     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Susannah Frances     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Synetta     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Tallulah     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Tammy Jean     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Tenny     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Teresa     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Thaddius     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Thelma     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Thelma May     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Thisie     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Thomas     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Thomas C.     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Thomas Clifton     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Thomas Jefferson (James?) Koger     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Thomas Justin     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Thomas Luther     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Thomas Lynn     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Thomas Newton     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Tonya Jan     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Tracy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Tucker Richard     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, Tucker Richard, Jr.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Unknown     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Unknown     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Unnamed     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Unnamed     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, Unnamed     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Vera     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Tierce, Veturia     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Victor C     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Vionne Marie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Virginia     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tierce, Virginia Ann     Great-granddaughter     III     3
Tierce, Walter     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Wanda Faye     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Tierce, Warren Simeon     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, Wendy     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Wendy Janean     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Tierce, Willard Richard     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, William     Nephew     III     2
Tierce, William     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, William     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, William     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, William "Billie" Rhody     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, William A. J.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, William Andrew     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, William Benjamin     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, William Carlos     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, William Cathar     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, William Clyde Lewis     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, William Coplin     Grandson     II     2
Tierce, William Coplin, Jr.     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, William Dennis     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, William Dewey     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, William Hoyle     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Tierce, William Moreland     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, William Moreland, Jr     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, William Richard     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, William S. (Bill)     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Tierce, William Sean     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, William Vaughan     Great-grandson     III     3
Tierce, Willie A.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Wm.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Wm. Henry     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Wm. Thomas     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Tierce, Zachary Charles     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Tierce, Zuleme     3rd great-granddaughter     V     5
Tillery, Mamie Elaine     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Toloff, Steve     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Tomich, Lana D.     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Trawick, Mary Jane     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Tribble, Jesse Lloyd, Jr.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Tribble, Jordan Elaine     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Turner, Gena Frances     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
unknow, Marguerite     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Unknown     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Upton, Bobby Wayne     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Upton, Christina Marie     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Upton, Jennifer Lee     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Upton, Lloyd     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Upton, Tonya Sue     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Urchison, Tracy     Ex-husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Usrey, James L. III     4th great-grandson     VI     6
Usrey, James, Jr.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Utley, Barnard     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Utley, Beverly Regina     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Utley, Buddy     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Utley, Euel Lee     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Utley, Horace Clyde     3rd great-grandson     V     5
Utley, James     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Utley, Matilda     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Utley, Tabor     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Utley, Thomas     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Utley, Thomas     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Vales, Breana     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Vales, Jim     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Vales, Jim     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Vales, Skyler     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Vazzano, Victoria     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Villereall, Francisco     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Vinyard, Clyde E.     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Virginia     Wife of the great-grandson          
Wade, Carroll Jean     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Wagoner, Catherine     Wife of the great-grandson          
Waldrop, Teresa     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Walker, Michael     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Wallis, Amanda     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Wallis, Frances Maryland     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Wallis, John C.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Wallis, Joseph W.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Wallis, Mary Emily     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Wallis, Susan Cathryn     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Wallis, Thomas Benj.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Wallis, Willaby B.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Waltons, Adinah     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Ward, Randall Virgil     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Ward, Sarah Nevon     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Watson, Eugene     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Watson, Julia Frances     Wife of the great-grandson          
Way, Terry Joyce     Ex-wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Webb, Pete     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Webb, Sara     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Webb, Toney     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Wendy     Partner of the 5th great-grandson          
Wentz, Byron E.     Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          
Wentz, Carol Jean     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Wentz, Linda Kay     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Wentz, Majorie Sue     4th great-granddaughter     VI     6
Whatley, Tom     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
White, Anita Louise     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
White, Buford Jasper     5th great-grandson     VII     7
White, Burford Troman     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
White, Phillip Glenn     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Whitfield, Ben     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Whitfield, Ben, Jr.     2nd great-grandson     IV     4
Whitfield, Cheyenne Jazmine     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Whitfield, John     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Whitfield, Lulu     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Whitfield, Peggy     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Whitfield, Scott     Ex-husband of the 6th great-granddaughter          
Whitfield, Scott Wesley     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Whitney, Elhannon W.     Husband of the great-granddaughter          
Whitney, Ida     2nd great-granddaughter     IV     4
Wiggs, Cheryl Ann     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Williams, Eva Mrytle     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Williams, Eva Myrtle     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Williams, Myrtle     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Williams, Sherah Faye     Wife of the 5th great-grandson          
Wilson, Adele     Wife of the 4th great-grandson          
Wilson, Mary Frances     Wife of the 2nd great-grandson          
Wilson, Zula Zong     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Winters, Mildred     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Witham, Casandra Elizabeth     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Witham, Christopher Lee     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Witham, Michael Charles     6th great-grandson     VIII     8
Witham, Michael Monroe     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Wood     Husband of the 2nd great-granddaughter          
Wooldridge, Bradley Scott     5th great-grandson     VII     7
Wooldridge, David Mace     Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter          
Wooldridge, Jennifer Daley     5th great-granddaughter     VII     7
Woolverton, Nina Ethel     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Wright, Reita Olivia     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson          
Wright, Sonja     6th great-granddaughter     VIII     8
Wright, William     Husband of the 5th great-granddaughter          
Zackory     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Zackory     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Zipp, Bowden Oscar     7th great-grandson     IX     9
Zipp, Tierce Tallulah     7th great-granddaughter     IX     9
Zipp, Timothy Karl     Husband of the 6th great-granddaughter