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Mary Jane Palmer Wilson
Kit Tierce Adams 11/2005 school picture
Kit Tierce Adams & Memnon Tierce, II  3/2004
Trip, Joni, Kit & Mem

Tierce School
See story

One Pinehurst, Tuscaloosa, AL home of Mem & Frances Tierce

Mem Tierce at steering wheel. 1916 at the World Fair in St. Louis

Mem Tierce with hat downtown Tuscaloosa in 1947

Frances Wilson Tierce at home. One Pinehurst, Tuscaloosa, AL around 1951

Tammy J. Terry Tierce
Mem Tierce, II

Portrait of Mem Tierce, II, 1995
about 1994

Memnon Tierce clowning around with Francis and Betsy around 1960
Laura Joan Tierce
about 1985

Elliott Catlett Tierce &
Frances Caroline Doss Tierce

Victor C Tierce & Memnon Tierce
about 1952

Laura Joan Tierce Adams & Kit Tierce Adams

Mem II,  Laura Joan, & Mem, III (Trip)
Fathers day 2001. Okaloosa Island, FL

Laura Joan Tierce Adams
Eugene Benjamin Tierce & Veturia Scales Tierce
George Andrew Tierce
Joseph Henry Tierce
Newest family member: Kit Tierce Adams 12/27/2001.
5th great-grandson of Jonathan Andrew Tierce